Monday, March 9, 2009

Manteca Quilt Guild Presents 2009 - 30th Annual Quilt Show

The Presidents Challenge this year was with 4 fat quarters of 1930's reproductions with oranges. The only rule was we had to use all of the 4 fat quarters chosen.This quilt was done by President Janet. She used Liz's Girls. She took FIRST PLACE.
This is our Vice-President Ginny's quilt. Love the blue. She took SECOND PLACE.
Here is THIRD PLACE. Sandra used some cool buttons in the centers of the pinwheels.
Here is my version of the Presidents Challenge. I have to admit Orange is my least favorite color. So this was truly a challenge for me. I decided to make a traveling checker set that we could take on trips with us in the fifth wheel. The girls cannot wait to get to use it. Karissa has been asking "Mama, when will you teach me how to play?" It looks like I will be playing alot of checkers during their spring break this year.
Here is another picture that is a close up to try and show you the true colors.
This is Joan's quilt and it was chosen as the President's Choice this year.
This is the Wearables that was chosen as the President's Choice this year.
This is the doll that received President's Choice this year. Congratulations to all three winners.

This is the Wearables that was chosen for the Quilt Show Chairman's Choice this year.
This is the doll that was chosen for Quilt Show Chairman's Choice this year.
I liked this quilt that was from our featured artist Alex Anderson.
Amber liked this quilt by Alex Anderson. It is Night of 100 Stars.
Amber liked this one also. I will post the name later.
Amber picked this one as a favorite pattern by Alex Anderson. She wants to do it in brighter colors. I cannot remember the name of it. I will post after I ask Amber
This mural was on loan by the Artist. It was on display at the Manteca Senior Center until the day of our show. They moved it to our stage. The artist came in for pictures and autographs. Just a note of interest. The five gentlemen in this picture on the left side or self portraits of the artist at different ages in his life. The gentleman on the right was the vineyard owner.
This is a quilt that was loaned to us to display this year at the quilt show next to the mural that it was fashioned after.

This was one a doll at the show that Amber must have really liked. I have several pictures of it.

Here is a close up of the detail on her face.

Here is a close up of some of the details.

Amber liked these entries that were at the show so I thought we would share them with you.

Amber found this at a boutique this year at the show. She took these pictures too. I think it is a pin cushion.

She wants to reproduce this pin cushion with the exception of making the pedals yoyo's

This Won Viewer Choice - Vignette by Pat. It was truly cleaver.

This won View Choice - Best Use of Color by Pat. I would be too confused and blurry eyed to finish.

This won Viewer Choice - Miniature Quilt.

This won View Choice - Medium Wall Hanging.

This won Viewer Choice - Large Wall Hanging.
Amber like this Bear that was entered in the Doll Section of the Quilt Show. It is by Sue.
This Miniature Quilt had some amazing details. You could stand there and just look at it for hours.
Here is a close up of how much detail was in this little quilt.
This wall hanging was amazing. It looked like several were fanned out to make the shape from afar. But up close was a different story. I think this would make a gorgeous table topper.
Amber liked how the yellow stood out on this quilt.
Amber really likes bright colors so here is another sample of it.
Amber fell in love with this quilt. This quilt is made by Barbara. Amber got this fabric from mom & dad for Valentines day. I think it is going to be her next quilt project.
I am NOT a fan of the color red. But let me tell you, if you missed this quilt at the show you MISSED something. When I see a quilt I usely see it and decide if I was to do it I would do it my way and these would be my changes. But guess what, this is the first time that I would not change a thing. Ginny I love this quilt! It gave me goose bumps. I enjoyed just looking at it.
These quilts were at Dog quilts by Judy.
Here is Karissa in her John Deere Shirt and the John Deere quilt that I made with hundreds of prairie points. Here is the new owner of my quilt and his adorable daughter. I made this for DJ for fathers day last year. I did two layers of warm and natural along with a flannel backing. So this baby is warm and heavy. Just perfect for snuggle under.

Here is the quilt that I made for Amber for Christmas this past year. She said, "Mama, everyone has a quilt from you except me." She was right. I just thought that she didn't want one since she does her own quilting and designing. I let Amber pick out all of the fabric and she got to pick out the pattern that she wanted me to use.
She looks pleased doesn't she. I also made a tote bag with the extra blocks. When you are not using it as a tote just tuck in the handles and put your pillow in it and now she has a matching pillow sham.

This is the quilt that I made by taking a mystery class in the guild. It was taught by Ginny our Vice President. I have always wanted an Anniversary Quilt that we could use to have picnics and watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July. I am very pleased with this quilt. This is the first time I have ever put red in a quilt but it had to be Red/White/Blue. This July 4th will be my 17th Wedding Anniversary. *****************
Here is a close up of it on a quilt rack at the show.

This is a close up of the tote bag that I made with the extra blocks. It makes it easy to take it on the go. I can even add drinks or sandwiches for a picnic.

This was our table runner and placemats that I made this past year for thanksgiving. I did the blanket stitch around all the leaves, pumpkins and acorns. This was a challenge on my machine.

I was showing someone how I did the stitching on the acorns since they were so tiny.

Here is a miniature quilt that I made to go on my wall. I used the starch method for the very first time. By the time I got it done, I did not want to quilt it. So Jennifer quilted it for me. It is exactly as I visualized it. Thanks Jenn.

This is a puppy lapel pin that was on a dog vest by Judy.

Here is a section of the vest that Amber liked the best. We tried to win the basket that had this vest pattern in it but we were not lucky enough to win it. I guess we need to contact the Pattern Artist.

This is the finished Dog #4 Vest by Judy.

Hat by Judy to go with her dress.

Here is Judy's Dress. This is a portrait of Judy's dress before it went on tour for a year.
Here is Ambers entry to this years quilt show. She entered her reversible purse in the Wearables Arts in the accesories category.She actually won Viewer's Choice - at this years show.

This is Amber proudly displaying her ribbon. We are all truly proud of her this year. Not only did she take the Viewer's Choice Award. She was also one of the first Junior Members to ever do a live demonstration at the quilt show in the past 30 years. I give a shout out to Amber and Nicole for being brave enough to do the demos. Many people are very proud of you both. I will post pictures of the junior members doing their demos later. Thumbs up to both of you girls.