Thursday, May 28, 2009

Michelle this is for You!

Here it is. One more version of my table top ironing board cover. I would like to thank Dianah for the block pattern that I was able to make into a cover.

Michelle dropped off some scrap fabric and this is what it turned out like. I sure hope she likes it.
I made this cute little bag with some of her scraps. I hope she didn't mind that I used up some of her scraps.

Here is the other side.

Sewing while camping.

This is my fifth wheel while we were camping over the long holiday week-end. Most of the time we had three featherweights at the table. The week-end started with everyone oilling and greasing our machines. We even got one camper interested in getting her own featherweight. Sharon actually bought one on e-bay last week-end. I hope she enjoys hers as much as we do ours.

This is Renee. She created and designed this adorable purse. I love the bright colors. She seems to love sewing on her Grandma's featherweight.

This is Amber's purse that she made while we were camping. I put the zipper in and attached the strap for her before we turned it right side out. She truly loves all of these fabrics together. (She got all of the fabrics at the Antioch Joanns while we went on our little field trip there.) I have to say, I a jealous. I cannot wait until I make me one of these in blues and purples.

Tote Bags - Tote Bags - Tote Bags!

Many of you have asked me to get together a supplies list and teach this as a class. Let me know who is interested. Maybe we can do it at a retreat. Send me dates in June that you are available and maybe we can get it set up.
Here is a tote-bag that I made for a very special friend. I have had it done for quite some time but she follows my blog and I knew if she saw it she would know. I gave it to her last night at the Manteca quilt guilde meeting so I am now sharing the pictures with you.

Here is a picture of the inside. It has a total of four pockets. It opens up huge.

Here is a tissue holder that matches. I was able to use a lot of the little scraps this way.

Here is the credit card holder. I added a wrist strap so now I call this the wristlet.

Here is the inside. I usually use one big piece of velcro on the top and bottom. But it would have covered up the face of the skull so I changed this one so you could still see her smiling face.

Boy am I getting good at putting in these zippers. Not that they are my favorite thing, but I do not have a problem with them anymore. I guess all it takes is a good set of instructions.

Jenn always has her calendar close by so I made a matching cover for her. I hope she likes it and is able to use it. After I had this whole set done I found out her favorite color is turqoise. I hope that these are cute enough that the pink will grow on her.

While I was camping I also made this journal cover for Jenn. But I planned on her using it for all of the patterns that she creates. So now she can have a book full of all her original designs. I am hopful that she will share some of these designs.

I have made a few of these before. Amber asked me to change the pattern a bit by adding a built in bookmark. I hope it works well. I am planning on making this version in my colors to put pictures of all my quilts in. Look at all the scrap pieces I used for this. I had very little fabric left over.
So here is the entire set. I trully enjoy making these gift sets. It make it nice to have everything matching. Amber and I cannot wait to make versions for us.

This is the tote-bag that we created for the person that has been giving to Amber all year in the Manteca Quilt Guilde Secret Pals.

Here is a view of one of the sides. I think it looks so cute.

This is a view of the back or the other front. ;^)

The last side. It turned out so cute.

Here is the inside with all of the pockets and matching items.

The matching Coin/Make-up/Sewing purse using some of the scraps.

Here is the calendar cover. I was running out of scraps. But Amber still thinks that it turned out perfect.
I like how the tissue holder turned out. It has a lot of character.

Here is the outside of the wristlet for credit cards.

This is the inside of the wristlet. Amber liked how the inside was so colorful.

So here is the entire gift set. I hope you enjoyed see all of our labors of love.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hope you Like.

Here is the gift set that I have been working on since Spring Break. (Large Tote, Journal with cover, Credit Card Holder, Little Coin/Make-up/Sewing Purse and a Tissue Holder.)
Here is the inside of the tote bag. Lots of room with a few pockets.
Here is one side of the Tote. The pattern was a solid piece of fabric. I chose to make it all patch work. I think it turned out gorgeous even though I am not a fan of red/black/white fabrics.
Here is the other side of the tote bag. I just laid out all the fabrics on the table until I figured out how I was going to put it together. I made this as a special gift. I am sure loving it. I wish I had done it in my blue/purple color tones.
Here is the top of the tissue holder. It fits perfect in one of the tote pockets.

Here is the back of the tissue holder. This was made special from some of Liz's fabric.

Here is a little credit card holder. It also fits nicely in one of the tote pockets.

Here is the inside with all of the little pockets.

Here is the little purse. I chose to patch work this one too. Isn't it too cute?

Here is the back of the Journal. I made the cover with all of the left over scrap pieces.

Here is the front of the journal. I sure hope the special lady that receives this gift set enjoys all the pieces and uses this journal.

New PC!

Now lets hope this will help and make it easier to do my posting more often. I have been having problems for the past year. I have just been having more and more problems the past few months. DJ is on business travel the next couple of days. I am hoping to get some blogging and sewing done. We will have to wait and see. I do know that my new PC doesn't have a slot for my flash camera card. I have to use some sort of adaptor. I haven't ever had to do this before. Right now I would be happy if I was able to get my email up and running in the next day or two. So if I haven't answered your email I probably haven't gotten it yet. I am trying. While try out my camera flash adaptor later this evening. Until then no pictures.