Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay here is how my friday started. My car was scheduled to go into the shop for it's schedule maintenance of oil change at 7:30 in Escalon. Well they changed my oil alright, They also checked my passanger air bag light. Guess what, they told me that it needs to be replaced. Can you tell me how could an air bag need to be replaced when it has never been used and is only 8 years old. I just do not understand. I do not know why but they also checked my tires. Guess what, I had a nail in the driver rear tire. They said I had a flat. So now it is back to Manteca to Les Schwabb. Just in time to get back home at 9:30 to pick up Johnny and the whole family. We have an appointment at 9:45 to get Johnny's stitches out. Not gonna happen, instead he went straight in for another surgery. He got out of surgery at 12:30 and they said he can come home around 4pm today. He will be a little sore, groggy, have more stitches and a couple of drain tubes, too. So that is all for now. Until later, Please wish me luck.

Modesto Quilt Show

These two wall hangings are 3-D. It was unbelievable.

I really liked this quilt. I kept going back to it to look at it. I enjoyed looking at the vinette too.

This cutie was done by the feature artist. She even had the stuffed animal that looked just like this guy on display.

This wall hanging was 3-D and was also by the featured artist.

This wall hanging looked just like the picture. Can you guess what it was a picture of? Yep, you got it, it is a cutting board.

This pair of wall hangings has some amazing birds and full of color.

This quilt is quilted beautifully. I liked the appliqued blocks and the pieced blocks all in one quilt.

Not sure why I took this picture. It just jumped out at me. I like birds but I never really paid attention to the Rooster.

Now this one is sooooo beautiful. I think love this one. This is my style.

Now I do not necessarily like yellow. But for some reason when it comes to quilts I do like yellow and blue together. I will have to do a yellow and blue one sometime.

Now this wall hanging is just BRIGT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT. It screamed at me take a picture. So here it is. I thought that I would share.

I do not remember taking this picture. But I do like the rich, warm tones of this quilt. It is very masculine to me.

These purple cows are too cute. I just wanted everyone to see this one.

I found this one at the Modesto Show and remembered the Elk Grove Quilt Show last year. They had several of these on one wall. It was amazing to see all of them with the same pattern and different fabrics. They were all so different and truly beautiful.

Here is a seasonal wall hanging that Bonnie wanted a picture of so I am sharing it with you.

Here is a table runner. I like the fabric that was used for the pumpkins.

Here is a portrait quilt. I didn't take the picture. I think Bonnie did when she borrowed my camera.

This wall hanging is Santa Clause for all the holidays.

This wall hanging truly looks like a photograph or oil painting. Don't you think so????

2009 Crab Feed Dinner/Dance

WWWWWWWWhhhehhhhhhhhhh!!!! It has come and gone. Will be starting the prepartions for next year next month. The Manteca Bulletin newspaper was at my event and told me that it is the longest running school fund raiser. This was our 39th Annual Crab Feed.

Here is the hall set up and waiting for the DJ to setup for the dance.

I ran outside to see how long the line was. I did not have enough room to get the entire line in the shot. We had 438 guests. I had around 60 staff members this included the DJ, my bar staff, kitchen staff and servers. Plus all of the Board Members.

During our Social Hour from 6pm - 7pm. People are trying to find their seats, get drinks from the bar and check out the opportunity drawing prizes all before dinner is served.

This is a brother and sister that came to enjoy themselves. She was very alergic to crab. We must have a real good dance. Wouldn't you say.?!?

Here I am on the stage taking the picture of our prize table. We had a total of 32 fabulous prizes. My husband couldn't go this year. He had to stay home and watch the girls. He also had to take care of Johnny. So he bought some tickets for the drawing and guess what. He won. Does anyone have any suggestions, he won two tickets to sugar bowl ski resort???? None of us ski. He is talking about

Here are a couple more pictures from the stage of both sides of the room during social hour. It looks like everyone is enjoying themselves.

I got real busy during dinner. I only got one picture but it looks like everyone is busy eating crab. Not an empty seat in the hall.

The lights are turned down and there is a lot of dancing going on. The dance floor is packed. Guess these guys wanted to sit out a few dances.

Here I caught Jennifer on the dance floor with her drink in hand. It appears she was happy and having a good time.

This concludes the 2009 Crab Feed. And before the evening was over the principal of Nile Garden asked me if I would do another two years. Hmmmm. Let me think about that for a minute or two. I will have to get back to you on that one.

January Meeting Members Show & Tell

These pictures are coeourtesy of Junior Member Amber. Thanks for taking the pictures at the meeting.

This is Jenn's first doll that she made for a special little girls birthday.

This is a quilt top of Jenn's great-grandmother. It is made of feed sacks from their farm in the 1930's
Here is another shot of the 1930's top. Jenn is looking to restore and finish this family treasure this year.
This is a cupcake tote bag that jennifer entered into a contest at Lady Bug's Quilts. Quess what she won. The front of this tote is soooo cute. She doesn't stand still long enough to get a good shot of it though. Maybe next time she will pose.
Here is Barbara with here Black & White quilt that Amber just loves. It has just a touch of color. But only a splash. I think I like it more and more every time I actually see it and look at it. Thank you Barbara for sharing with us.
This quilt had a special story. Two people worked on this they each did different blocks and put them together. The only hitch is that they live in different states. You got I said different states so there was a lot of mailing back & forth.

This was one of Liz's kits that she purchased at Lady Bug's Quilts. Dianah put it together. Thanks Dianah it looks great. I know that it is appreciated by Natalie and her family.
This is the quilt Della has been working on for an up and coming wedding that her and her family will be traveling to soon. Della was also our lucky winner of the Sun Bonnet Sue~Block of the Month. I hope she enjoys them. Amber and I made four of those adorable little girls.

This jacket is made by Judy Mullen with pictures of dogs. It actually brought me to tears.

January 22 Program Trunk Show by Pam Howland

These pictures are courtesy of Junior Member Amber. Thanks Amber, Job well done!
Pam shared with us that many of these quilts in her trunk show are quilts that have been found at various antiques stores from all over the united states.

Pam's daughter also had all these bright gorgeous things for sale at the back of the quilt meeting. Amber thought they were displayed very pretty. So she took a few pictures.