Monday, March 15, 2010

Connecting Threads Among Friends 2010 Retreat at the Cabin!!!

It is that time again. I will be going up April 15th - 18th. Please contact me if you are interested in going so I can put you on the list. The cost will be $5 more dollars this year than last year but I think it is worth it. I would like to collect all the money by April 1st. Let me know what type of family dinners everyone is interested in having Friday and Saturday night.

Last year we did the Indigo Junction purse/tote bag and the glam bags with the zippers. Is there something that you ladies would like to do this year? Just let me know, otherwise just bring your projects. Hope to see most of you there. I just can't wait.


  1. LueAnn: Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year. I am watching grandchildren as my daughter and her husband have a fundraiser they are helping with. I love all the new toys you have been collecting. I know you will have fun on your retreat.

  2. Where you been LueAnn? No posts for a while. Miss ya.

  3. OK it's time to start blogging again.