Friday, March 12, 2010

Quilt Show Entries 2010

Karissa loves to wear this outfit. She also made this in her sewing class. I am very proud of her.

Here is Karissa with her favorite Pj's that she made in her sewing school.

This is a quilt that I entered into the quilt show this year. I got the fabric as a birthday gift from Sandra.

This was my gift to my brother for his 40th birthday. He is a long haul truck driver. Uncle
Bubba even showed up at the end of the quilt show to make sure that he would get it back ASAP.

This was Amber's entry. This is the quilt, tote and pillow case that she made at her 12th birthday sleepover.

This is the set that Olivia made. They use these several times through out the year for all of their sleepovers.

These were my entries into the wearables art this year.

Here is the inside of my purse.Here is the inside of my tote bag. I love all of these color.

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